Coral O'Leary

Poet. Copywriter. Cultural Worker.


Hailing from rural Western New York, Coral O’Leary (she/her) is a lake-effect snow ex-pat, current New Yorker, queer writer, cultural worker, and asexual aromantic-spectrum lesbian. Her work has appeared in Toho Journal, Minnow Literary Magazine, Baby Teeth Journal, SORTES, Lavender Review, and Lesbians Are Miracles, and was nominated for a Pushcart Prize in 2020 and Best of the Net in 2023. She is a co-founder and editor of Impostor: A Poetry Journal.

Selected Publications

Lesbians Are Miracles: Heartbreak Issue, March 2023
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Lavender Review: Issue 25, June 2022
Nominated for Best of the Net 2023
Read "Fake Queer"
SORTES: Issue 4, December 2020
Read "Buckshot"
Baby Teeth Journal: October 2020
Read "Heritage"
Minnow Literary Magazine: Issue 1, Fall 2020
Read "Cardinal"
Toho Journal: Issue 1:1, May 2019
Written for Asexual Awareness Week
Nominated for a Pushcart Prize 2020

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Impostor: A Poetry Journal

In 2021, I co-founded Impostor: A Poetry Journal.